Blogging Rules

Our Blogging Rules are designed to help keep you and others safe.
They also help you to learn how to use the Learning Platform and the Internet in a secure and responsible way.

Only use your first name, when commenting.

Never give out your address, phone number or personal and family details, in any post or comment.

Don’t put photographs of yourself or others on a Blog or the Internet without permission.

All posts are checked by a Teacher, Teaching Assistant or ICT Coordinator before they are included in any Blog, and should not include any personal or family details.

All comments have to be approved before they are published to any Blog, and should not include any personal or family details.

Remember to always be kind and considerate when commenting on other people’s posts or replying to other’s comments, even if we don’t agree with someone’s point of view.

Always try our best to write ‘Excellent Comments’ that help to extend our conversation with the poster and help to share our thoughts and ideas with others .

Remember to always ‘Proofread’ our posts and comments, checking our spelling and use of punctuation, before saving and submitting.

Remember that everyone is welcome to contribute to all our Blogs.

Never use text speak; always use full sentences.

Relatives who leave comments are also asked not to use surnames, but to post comments in the form of, Sarah’s Mum, David’s Grandad, or Year 6 Dad, etc., if you prefer.

Tell your teachers or parents if you come across anything that makes you feel uncomfortable.

Remember Blogging is a fun and enjoyable way to learn.

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